About Us

Hello and thanks for taking the interest to look at the About Us page.

The website and this blog have been established to help promote Australian small business and bring greater recognition and exposure to many of the amazing small business operators we are lucky enough to have here in Australia.

Small business plays a huge role in providing us (The Consumers) with quality services as well as quality goods / products. Apart from the goods and services, Small business also helps to put pressure on the big corporations to keep the prices down.

Without small business we are left with just Big Business….. it is big business who have the potential to run small business ‘out of town’ with the aim of owning a greater market share and being a virtual monopoly which can do as it wants…. when it wants…. Yes this means raise prices at the expense of all Australians.

Lets support small business where ever possible !

Lets buy Australian where ever possible !