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Welcome to
This website and the blog attached has been setup with the purpose of promoting some of the best Australian Small Businesses going around.
Having a website of your own certainly does give you an advantage over those who may not have a website, however it is almost pointless having a website if nobody can find it.
This webpage is established to give a plug to businesses which l am aware of, but not simple "Aware Of" but businesses who operate ethically, responsibly and are doing their very best to provide the Australian consumer with quality goods and/or services at fair and affordable prices.

For those who have a website and would like a link placed into this webpage, please feel most welcome to contact the webmaster and let us know a little bit about your business and please tell us "WHY" you believe your business would qualify as being a reputable operator who genuinely does their best to look after the customer.
When it comes to the world of websites you need to find ways of promoting your website as much as promote your business, l am only too happy to do what l can to help you in that quest.
If you have any questions or would like some further assistance in getting your website off the ground you can either email or phone me directly.
Mobile : 0477 419 270
I look forward to hearing from as many Australian small business owners as possible.... we all know it is small business which is the backbone of the Australian economy and small business helps keep the big boys in line.
Keep up the great work Australia !!
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